Allow us to introduce ourselves

Maven Advisory is a quality business advisory firm. We exist to assist business owners of all backgrounds and industries to get the most out of their business. Everywhere we go, every business owner we meet, there are some common things we hear about what’s going on in their businesses:


“I’m spending way too much time in the day-to-day running of the business. In fact the business is taking over my life. I went into business in order for my business to provide me with a lifestyle, not take my life away from me. I need to set some strategies to help me get back in control of my business – and my life!”


“I’m NOT the highest paid person in the business, for the amount of time I spend in it. My business is profitable, but I need to develop further strategies to make it even more so, in order to give me the income I deserve.”


“I find it difficult to find the right staff – and keep them. Every time I go away from the business, I worry that my staff are doing the right things by me and my customers.”

How can we help you?

Business Advisory

We will look to see what is actually happening in the business as it stands. We need to get a complete understanding of what’s going on first. Then we’ll work with you to develop specific, tailored strategies to grow the business.

Franchise Your Business

As a natural consequence of our traditional advising and extensive experience in franchising, we are regularly approached to look at the feasibility of taking an existing business to franchise. We also work with experienced franchisors and help them to expand nationally and internationally Our international network has assisted businesses in over 20 countries.

Exit Planning

We assist business owners who are preparing to sell their businesses, particularly for retirement.We’ll help you with due diligence and liaise with all stakeholders to manage the sale and hand-over. We can also assist with structuring the sale to further maximise the result for all parties.

Acquisition Investigation

We work on behalf of you, the buyer, by investigating and identifying potential acquisition targets based on criteria agreed up front with you. We also assist you with the transaction itself, ensuring that it is completed as smoothly as possible. Post-acquisition, we’re there to assist with successful integration of the new business into your current structure.

International Services

We have an extensive international network of advisors and partners, so therefore we are uniquely placed to assist you in countries such as India, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

What our clients say about us